In addition to the hundreds of companies that we are able to supply from,
We have the honour to be associated with the following companies:

CorDEX are leaders in the innovation and manufacture of instruments used every day in the world’s most challenging work environments. All of their instruments are specifically created for safe use in hazardous environments, which make them the authority in Intrinsically Safe Instrumentation. They invest in product development and certification to make sure our customers have the confidence that they need to stay safe. So their tools offer more than just safety, performance and accuracy – they give our customers the confidence to do the job.

Cordex products may be Intrinsically Safe but you won’t see a trade-off in terms of usability or features. Their products, such as IR Windows, have all of the usual advanced functionality you would expect from an industrial instrument. And like any other high quality instrument it comes with a full warranty and ongoing support from their technical team.

As a result of a recent agreement signed with MS. Microbiologics, Ashcon International has been appointed distributor for the entire range of products in the following areas:

  • Middle East: UAE, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait and Yemen
  • North Africa: Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Libya
  • Indian Subcontinent: India, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Microbiologics (MBL) is a manufacturer of microorganism preparations that serve as quality assurance and control challenges in clinical & industrial microbiological laboratories. For details please visit

For further information or quotations on Microbiologic products, contact or fax (905) 257 2596. You may also use the online quote request feature.

Ashcon international is delighted to be appointed global distributor by MS. Schematic approach — a well known & respected name in fluid sampling tools/accessories.

Ashcon International has been appointed exclusive distributor in Qatar by the Drucker Company, a US based manufacturer of centrifuges. Drucker manufactures centrifuges for medical, research, educational & industrial laboratories. The company has an unparalleled reputation for high quality products matched with a service that has set a new standard in the industry.

Ashcon International has added VentFabrics – a US based manufacturer of ducting hardware, to its growing list of alliances.
Ventfabrics has appointed Ashcon as the manufacturers representative. for the middle east region. This will complement the exiting line of products being offered to the hvac market